30 April 2008

Day Eighteen ~Wednesday

This is Angela.

A few months ago, I was convinced that I had damaged my knees. My chiropractor took a look and told me that the pain was not from an injury, but from adhesions and fibrosis. He referred me to Angela, and she fixed me by stripping my muscles and breaking down the knots and adhesions.

Don't let her friendly smile and slight frame fool you. Her massages are amongst the most painful things I have endured, but they always leave me feeling fantastic after the fact. I saw her today and will continue to go as long as I can afford her. I am addicted! :)

29 April 2008

Day Seventeen ~Tuesday

An evening out with friends and Thai food. Good combo.

28 April 2008

Day Sixteen ~Monday

The sky over Gillette Corner was very broody tonight. Light, dark, pink, and grey all at the same time.

27 April 2008

Day Fifteen ~Sunday

Baby showers are luvley. Seeing a friend wearing rose quartz was luvley as well.

Day Fourteen ~Saturday

After a fantastic lunch here, (http://www.sircharlesnapier.co.uk/), we took a 4 hour walk in the woods behind the pub.

26 April 2008

Day Thirteen ~Friday

My Lush haul from last night. There was a grammar snafu in the email announcing the "Party", so the manager made sure I walked away happy. I didn't realize how much he had given me till I got home. Customer service at it's best!

The email contained the statement "
Each shop will be giving away a Retro Box Set worth £24.95 as well as customised skincare sample packs when you spend £20 or more." My interpretation of this was spend £20, and get a Retro Box Set + goodies. What it should have said was that each store was giving away a Retro Box Set to one lucky customer and when you spend £20, you get a few goodies. I hadn't printed out the email but the manager listened to my assertion, and took me very seriously. He apologized in advance, and told me he would "put together a little something" for me since I had come all the way into the city. The stash is fab, but more importantly, it was great to be treated as a valued customer!

Day Twelve ~Thursday

I love to see the bubbles in my olive oil when I first pour it into the carafe. This was taken with the morning sunshine streaming through my orange curtains.

23 April 2008

22 April 2008

Day Ten ~Tuesday

How come the goat's cheese never lasts for very long?

21 April 2008

Day Nine ~Monday

I am really tired of winter skirts and pantyhose.

20 April 2008

Day Eight ~Sunday

Sunday is the day I am most inclined to cook. Today I am making Sweet Potato and Coriander Soup with crusty bread for dipping.

19 April 2008

Day Seven ~Saturday

My £1.50 charity shop find.

18 April 2008

Day Six ~Friday

Some days, I bring Saj a piece of fruit since I know she can't be bothered to think about it. Some days Saj brings me food since she knows I can't be bothered to cook. Today, it happened on the same day. :)

16 April 2008

Day Four ~Wednesday

The Cork contract feels endless. :(

15 April 2008

Day Three ~Tuesday

Today I got my car back from the garage, where she was having her bumper repaired. Whilst I am grateful to have had a courtesy car, I really missed my little Honda!

14 April 2008

Day Two ~Monday

It's not arty, but it's the reality of what awaits me in the morning when I can't be bothered to do the dishes the night before. This happens a lot.

13 April 2008

Day One ~Sunday

Urban garden ruin, as seen each morning from my bedroom window.