30 May 2008

Day Forty Eight ~Friday

Pretty! :)

Day Forty Seven ~Thursday

I wasted too much time here and forgot to take a picture. Pah!

Day Forty Six ~Wednesday

I was at the Hounslow site today so I popped into Aldi. Found this for £1.29. :)

27 May 2008

Day Forty Five ~Tuesday

I'm too tired to take a real picture. Nuts anyone?

Day Forty Four ~Monday Bank Holiday

Sign at Crank's in Dartington. Good advice no matter where you are.

Day Forty Three ~Sunday

Statues at The Eden Project. Can you imagine these being allowed in the US?

Day Forty Two ~Saturday

Stoplights in Totnes, Devon. You can almost see the smiley on the green. :)

23 May 2008

Day Forty One ~Friday

The underside of the M4.

22 May 2008

Day Forty ~ Thursday

From a book of Simon Drew postcards I scored on Freecycle. It reads "Anne Boleyn gets a new tattoo". ;)

21 May 2008

Day Thirty Nine ~Wednesday

When I ordered this helmet, I thought it was plain silver. But no. It has these ludicrous pink and blue graphics and I HATE HATE HATE it!

Seriously hate it.

You know you're PMSing when something this ridiculously silly upsets you. :(

Day Thirty Eight ~Tuesday

The book club meeting was held at Mestizo.

20 May 2008

Day Thirty Seven ~Monday

New toy. Haven't been on one since 1995.

18 May 2008

Day Thirty Six ~Sunday

Race For Life 2008 to benefit Cancer Research UK.

This is my first cheat since I didn't take the pic, but it represents my day. I managed to run it through with no walking breaks. I am thrilled! :)

Day Thirty Five ~Saturday

Robin and I tried to re-create a black rice, prawn, and yogurt curry starter I had sampled in Trieste. The original was much more artfully arranged, but we got the taste just right! :)

17 May 2008

Day Thirty Four ~Friday

Date night! Although not planned, I like that it came out blurry.

15 May 2008

Day Thirty Three ~Thursday

My colleague Saj and her recent fantastic fabric finds. Her outfits frequently brighten my day! :)

Day Thirty Two ~Wednesday

I drove all the way to Bournemouth and forgot to take pics. How bad do I suck?

13 May 2008

Day Thirty One ~Tuesday

My quads are so sore! :(

Day Thirty ~ Monday

Bellydance night!

11 May 2008

Day Twenty Nine ~Sunday

Lost at Kew Gardens.

10 May 2008

Day Twenty Eight ~Saturday

I was supposed to attend this today. But I just could not summon the energy to get out of bed because Robin and I went to a dinner party last night and didn't get in till an ungodly hour. Oops!

Day Twenty Seven ~Friday

The bank holiday pushed our HPV assay to Friday. With the exception of the left row (which are controls), each of the dots is a patient sample. We run a test to see if certain types of Human Papilloma Virus are present. If the test is positive, the patient will then know if she is at a higher risk of developing cervical carcinoma.

8 May 2008

Day Twenty Six ~Thursday

I think I killed it. :(

7 May 2008

Day Twenty Five ~Wednesday

This is the corner where I had my boxes full of stuff to flog on Ebay. They have been there since I moved into the flat in November. Six months later, I have listed it all on Freecycle and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! Out with the junk!!! :)

*Update: Everything has found a new home and I have my clean space. Very zen. ;)

6 May 2008

Day Twenty Four ~Tuesday

My first stealth spotting of the next door neighbor's laundry. Summer is here? :)

5 May 2008

Day Twenty Three ~ Monday

Coming home is a mixed bag. :/

Day Twenty Two ~Sunday

Day Twenty One ~Saturday

The view of the Adriatic from our room.

Day Twenty ~Friday

This is what 6oz of feta cheese looks like. I made a dish with farfalle, green beans, mushrooms and feta, but ended up cutting back a bit on the feta. It was really good!

1 May 2008