9 June 2008

Day Fifty Seven ~ Sunday

What a gorgeous weekend! This is where I live.

Day Fifty Six ~ Saturday

Snogging peacocks at Warwick Castle.

Day Fifty Five ~Friday

Under the sink in the special stains area. Today I went through the entire department and checked every label to make sure the inspectors won't catch us with any expired stuff.

Day Fifty Four ~Thursday

Stuck in traffic coming off the M4. *sigh*

4 June 2008

Day Fifty Three ~Wednesday

Two immunizations and £33 later, I have the basics covered for India. Now to wait for the visas!

Day Fifty Two ~Tuesday

Leaving for work in the morning.

Day Fifty One ~Monday

So tired. :(

Day Fifty ~Sunday

After a day of sitting around trying to plan our trip, we finally escaped to Richmond for a walk.

This is Ham House.

Day Forty Nine ~ Saturday

Oh dear!