3 August 2008

Day 76 ~Friday 27 June

Pangong Lake.

This lake lies between India and Tibet (China) and the military presence is quite high. We had to obtain special passes to be in this area. I've never been anywhere so remote! The lake changed colour depending on what time of day it was.

Day 75 ~Thursday 26 June

Went to morning puja at Thiksy monastery before driving to Pangong Lake.

We were surprised to find that the majority of monks are just boys.

Day 74 ~Wednesday 25 June

Driving back from the Nubra Valley.

Day 73 ~Tuesday 24 June

Drove through the world's highest motorable pass, Khardung La today en route to the Nubra Valley. It's at 18,380ft and the lack of oxygen makes you feel slightly drunk.

We stopped for tea, picked up a traveling monk and delivered him to his monastery, where I took this photo.

We also saw/rode bactrian (2 humped) camels, and hiked up to a deserted monastery.

Being limited to one pic a day is frustrating sometimes. :)

Day 72 ~ Monday 23 June

Spent the morning white water rafting on the Indus River, and most of the afternoon trekking.

This is the Shanti Stupa in Leh.

Day 71 ~Sunday 22 June

Lord Buddha, Thiksey Monastery. He is 40 feet tall! :)

Day 70 ~Saturday 21 June

After a harrowing night time drive back to Delhi, and 3 hours of sleep, we flew to Leh, Ladakh.

We were given the traditional white scarf upon arrival at the hotel and about 10 minutes after I took this pic I was fast asleep. Now in the "Cradle of Buddhism" in the Himalayas, we are at an elevation of 11,483 ft. and visitors are advised to spend a day acclimatizing to the elevation to avoid headaches.

29 July 2008

Day 69 ~ Friday 20 June

Midway through our strange journey, we took a 28 hour break at Ananda. Meaning "bliss", it is one of the top spas in the world. This was the only point in the trip where we brushed our teeth with tap water, and ate fresh fruit/salad without worrying.

This is Robin modeling the kurta that we were each assigned to wear around the resort.


Ahhh! :)

Day 68 ~Thursday 19 June

Sadhu at the banks of the Ganges. (Rishikesh)

Day 67 ~Wednesday 18 June

Everyone uses the same bridge. :)


26 July 2008

Day 66 ~Tuesday 17 June

Today we drove northeast from Delhi to Haridwar, which is a very holy city on the banks of the Ganges. We arrived during a full moon festival and it was wall to wall pilgrims. There was a fab festival atmosphere and since our hotel was inaccessible by vehicle, we got to trek through a narrow maze of streets filled with vendors selling everything under the sun.

We attended an Aarti (light)ceremony on the riverbank, which is what the pic is. I stuck my foot in the Ganges but held back from the full body plunge that most Hindus go for. :)

Day 65 ~Monday 16 June

Baha'i Lotus Temple, Delhi.

We spent the day touring old and new Delhi. It's hugely crowded and feels somewhat like most large international cities.

We visited Humayaun's Tomb, (which was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal), Qutub Minar (tallest minaret in the world), the Baha'i temple, Ghandi's house, Chandi Chowk (main bazaar), our guide's Hindu temple, Nizzamuddin's shrine (Muslim), and Delhi's largest mosque.

That night we found a restaurant called Piccadelhi which was London Underground themed. A bit of an eye roll as it had half of an old Routemaster bus inside along with red phone boxes and other Londonesque decor, but it was heaving with families and the food was quite nice.

Day 63 ~Saturday 14 June

The famous Taj Mahal!

It was hot, crowded and amazingly beautiful!!

It was my turn to be ill, although not nearly as bad as Robin and silly me forgot to take my sunglasses. The white marble was blinding even though it was overcast.

I'm not sure if it was the way I was feeling, and even though it's really cool, the Taj Mahal simply was not the highlight of the trip for me. Still, I can cross it off my list of things to see. :)

Day 62 ~Friday 13 June

Taken from the backseat, this is a flooded intersection we drove through.

We were originally scheduled to drive from Jaipur straight through to Agra (usually a 4.5 hour drive), but that road was closed due to Gudjurat terrorist activity. Instead , we were routed back through Delhi, but the flooding caused roads to be closed and we were diverted twice.

To make it even more interesting, the air conditioning stopped working, we had to change cars/drivers and Robin developed Delhi Belly. At one point, we were stuck in a traffic jam and a random guy jumped into our car to move it out of the way of a truck since our driver had wandered off to see what the holdup was.

12 hours after we left Jaipur, we arrived in Agra. Robin was running a low grade fever, popping Immodium, and moaning a lot. It was all very dramatic but done in the spirit of making light of his illness. Luckily he was better by morning.

25 July 2008

Day 61 ~Thursday 12 June

Taken at the Amber Fort in Jaipur (Rajasthan) .

The monsoon arrived 2 weeks early in this part of India for the first time in 108 years and we awoke to flooded streets. We carried on though and toured the Amber Fort, the Water Palace, City Fort, and the Observatory. I also had a fantastic 70 minute aryuvedic massage for about £12!!

I'm going to cheat a bit and add a link to a more clever person's YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTpCVVevTeI


Day 60 ~Wednesday 11 June

We finally decided on India the morning of 10 June and booked our tickets for that evening. It was an overnight flight on Virgin Atlantic and we arrived in Delhi in the late AM.

This sign was near the immigration queue and I found it amusing. Little did I know how it set the tone for much of the trip. ;)

Day 58 ~Monday June 9

Still trying to decide if we are going to India. I am stressed and can't be bothered to cook so we go to Mexifresh for dinner. Good food. Still overpriced.

23 July 2008

Don't give up on me just yet!

I know it's been a while since I last updated, but I am almost done with uploading and sorting all my India and beyond pics. Life has been rather busy since I got back but look for updates soon!


9 June 2008

Day Fifty Seven ~ Sunday

What a gorgeous weekend! This is where I live.

Day Fifty Six ~ Saturday

Snogging peacocks at Warwick Castle.

Day Fifty Five ~Friday

Under the sink in the special stains area. Today I went through the entire department and checked every label to make sure the inspectors won't catch us with any expired stuff.

Day Fifty Four ~Thursday

Stuck in traffic coming off the M4. *sigh*

4 June 2008

Day Fifty Three ~Wednesday

Two immunizations and £33 later, I have the basics covered for India. Now to wait for the visas!

Day Fifty Two ~Tuesday

Leaving for work in the morning.

Day Fifty One ~Monday

So tired. :(

Day Fifty ~Sunday

After a day of sitting around trying to plan our trip, we finally escaped to Richmond for a walk.

This is Ham House.

Day Forty Nine ~ Saturday

Oh dear!

30 May 2008

Day Forty Eight ~Friday

Pretty! :)

Day Forty Seven ~Thursday

I wasted too much time here and forgot to take a picture. Pah!

Day Forty Six ~Wednesday

I was at the Hounslow site today so I popped into Aldi. Found this for £1.29. :)

27 May 2008

Day Forty Five ~Tuesday

I'm too tired to take a real picture. Nuts anyone?

Day Forty Four ~Monday Bank Holiday

Sign at Crank's in Dartington. Good advice no matter where you are.

Day Forty Three ~Sunday

Statues at The Eden Project. Can you imagine these being allowed in the US?

Day Forty Two ~Saturday

Stoplights in Totnes, Devon. You can almost see the smiley on the green. :)

23 May 2008

Day Forty One ~Friday

The underside of the M4.

22 May 2008

Day Forty ~ Thursday

From a book of Simon Drew postcards I scored on Freecycle. It reads "Anne Boleyn gets a new tattoo". ;)

21 May 2008

Day Thirty Nine ~Wednesday

When I ordered this helmet, I thought it was plain silver. But no. It has these ludicrous pink and blue graphics and I HATE HATE HATE it!

Seriously hate it.

You know you're PMSing when something this ridiculously silly upsets you. :(

Day Thirty Eight ~Tuesday

The book club meeting was held at Mestizo.

20 May 2008

Day Thirty Seven ~Monday

New toy. Haven't been on one since 1995.

18 May 2008

Day Thirty Six ~Sunday

Race For Life 2008 to benefit Cancer Research UK.

This is my first cheat since I didn't take the pic, but it represents my day. I managed to run it through with no walking breaks. I am thrilled! :)

Day Thirty Five ~Saturday

Robin and I tried to re-create a black rice, prawn, and yogurt curry starter I had sampled in Trieste. The original was much more artfully arranged, but we got the taste just right! :)

17 May 2008

Day Thirty Four ~Friday

Date night! Although not planned, I like that it came out blurry.

15 May 2008

Day Thirty Three ~Thursday

My colleague Saj and her recent fantastic fabric finds. Her outfits frequently brighten my day! :)

Day Thirty Two ~Wednesday

I drove all the way to Bournemouth and forgot to take pics. How bad do I suck?

13 May 2008

Day Thirty One ~Tuesday

My quads are so sore! :(

Day Thirty ~ Monday

Bellydance night!

11 May 2008

Day Twenty Nine ~Sunday

Lost at Kew Gardens.

10 May 2008

Day Twenty Eight ~Saturday

I was supposed to attend this today. But I just could not summon the energy to get out of bed because Robin and I went to a dinner party last night and didn't get in till an ungodly hour. Oops!

Day Twenty Seven ~Friday

The bank holiday pushed our HPV assay to Friday. With the exception of the left row (which are controls), each of the dots is a patient sample. We run a test to see if certain types of Human Papilloma Virus are present. If the test is positive, the patient will then know if she is at a higher risk of developing cervical carcinoma.

8 May 2008

Day Twenty Six ~Thursday

I think I killed it. :(

7 May 2008

Day Twenty Five ~Wednesday

This is the corner where I had my boxes full of stuff to flog on Ebay. They have been there since I moved into the flat in November. Six months later, I have listed it all on Freecycle and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! Out with the junk!!! :)

*Update: Everything has found a new home and I have my clean space. Very zen. ;)